2019 F1 track day car

In 2019, MGI was approached to turn a 2016 F1 car into a track day car while retaining all the elements of the current F1 cars. By installing an AER V6 twin turbocharged engine delivering 800BHP plus, and mating it to a Xtrac semi-automatic electrically actuated gearbox and clutch and bespoke rear suspension, the car is probably the highest performing single seater outside of the current F1 grid in existence. With a bespoke electrical package, traction and launch control and auto gearshift the car has an unrivalled level of performance in a track day car.

  • Chassis – Original 2016 F1 chassis
  • Bodywork – As original F1 car – Modified sidepods, floor & engine cover to suit packaging
  • Rear crash structure – Bespoke MGI design
  • Engine – AER P60C Twin Turbo V6 – 800+ BHP
  • Gearbox – Xtrac P1159M 6 speed
  • Bellhousing – Bespoke MGI design
  • Front suspension – As original F1 specifications
  • Rear suspension – Bespoke MGI design
  • Clutch – Tilton 6554HSG-P
  • Alternator – McLaren
  • Brake system – Modified F1 system, Brembo calipers
  • Wheels – Bespoke OZ F1 spec wheels
  • Tyres – Pirelli 2016 F1 size
  • Exhaust system – Bespoke MGI design

“When I left F1 to set up MGI Engineering I thought I would never again work on such high performance racing cars. Thankfully this project proved me wrong”

Mike Gascoyne, CEO MGI Engineering