1. Background Information

Founded in 2003, MGI Engineering Ltd (MGI) experience is based on 30 years in the fast paced and competitive world of Formula 1 (F1) engineering and 4 years in the emerging and equally competitive eVTOL sector. As an AS9100D accredited company, we currently leverage the combined expertise of our 23 strong team of engineers, and their unique set of skills, to deliver our capabilities across the aerospace, aviation, automotive, transport, motorsport, and marine industries.

MGI believes in offering engineering design solutions with sustainability, mobility, and reusable energy technologies in mind. One of our core aims is to leverage our vast and unrivalled experience in F1 to offer engineering solutions that maximises sustainability through various innovative design methodologies developed in the F1 industry. Our commercial strength is to deliver F1 cutting-edge technology solutions to wider mainstream and newly developing industry sectors.

To improve our commercial strength, MGI is developing some exciting R&D projects through the development of technology demonstrators to showcase these technologies. The current project requires expertise in developing some aircraft loading to design and analyse our technologies to realistic loads.

This project is part-funded by the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF).

2. Work Scope

We are looking to award the following statement of work to assist our on-going design needs of an aerial vehicle.

  • Aerodynamic Coefficient Analysis
  • Loads Analysis – Concept Design
  • Performance Modelling
  • Design Support

The bidder is expected to perform these tasks in a timely manner, under tight deadlines upon receiving all relevant data inputs to perform the tasks.

The bidder is expected to provide a brief description of their previous experience in the engineering and aerospace industry and relevant information to demonstrate their capability and competency to perform the above statement of work. The bidder is expected to provide a brief description of the process required to complete the above tasks and expected duration in days to complete each task. The bidder is encouraged to provide a list of relevant accreditations.

The bidder will need to provide their own suite of software to generate the above listed scope. The bidder will need to provide evidence that the software they intend to use has been previously validated by a relevant aviation authority.

The bidder is required to provide evidence of having Employer’s Liability Insurance, Public Liability Insurance, and any other suitable policies of insurance in respect of the Contractor and its staff/delegates during an Assignment.

We may exclude the bidder if there is a conflict of interest which cannot be effectively remedied, such as providing services to another enterprise working in the same aerial vehicle category. Where there is any indication that a conflict of interest exists or may arise, then it is the responsibility of the bidder to inform MGI Engineering detailing the conflict.

The value of this procurement is not to exceed £32,000 excluding VAT.

The contract period will be from the award date until April 28th, 2023.

We will require the successful bidder to attend meetings at our office in Witney, Oxfordshire once-a-week if necessary. Mileage will be paid by MGI Engineering per government guidelines. Accommodation and subsistence expenses will be incurred by the successful bidder.

If you would like more information about the project, please contact us at info@mgiengineering.com as we will require you to sign an NDA.

3. Submission Information and Deadline

Bidders are invited to quote for the provision of services described in section 2. If you have any questions about this bid, please send any questions no later than November 25th, 17:00GMT to ensure we can provide an answer before the bidding deadline. Please send all questions to info@mgiengineering.com. All Q&A’s will be distributed to all bidders by email to maintain NDA procedures.

Please return an electronic copy of your bid, including any supporting material, by email to: info@mgiengineering.com. It is recommended to use a delivery and read receipt on your email to confirm it has been delivered. MGI will confirm receipt of your bid, but this may not be until after the deadline.

Submission deadline is November 30th, 2022, 10:00 GMT. Failure to submit your bid by the closing date and time may result in your bid not being evaluated.

If necessary, we reserve the right to invite highest scorers to an interview to be held at our Witney offices between December 1st – December 2nd, 2022. The award date will be December 5th, 2022, notifying all bidders by email of the final outcome.

The contract date is December 19th, 2022, with expected start date for the work to commence also on December 19th, 2022.

Advert windowNovember 15th – November 30th
Questions deadlineNovember 25th, 17:00GMT
Submission deadlineNovember 30th, 10:00GMT
Interviews (if required)December 1st  – December 2nd
Award dateDecember 5th
Contract/Start dateDecember 19th

4. Project Deliverables

The following are the required deliverables throughout the project and at the end of the contract:

Interim loads and design reports

Final Loads Report

All documents and reports need to provide design traceability. Delivery of documents will be done by email or secure file transfer protocol in accordance with the process to be defined at the start of the contract between both parties.

5. Award Criteria

Each bid will be evaluated against the following criteria

Provides an overall timeline for the procurement of all services
Provides a timeline for each task
Experience 40% Relevant knowledge and skills
Relevant aerospace experience
Evidence of experience performing the tasks
20% (5% for each task)

Some of the accepted accreditations, but not limited to, are:

a) Chartered Engineer from IMechE. IStructE, RAeS, or other relevant chartered institute

b) Hold approvals as a design organisation with UK CAA, EASA, or FAA, or other relevant design organisations

c) Any other relevant accreditation to the aerospace industry

The scoring mechanism for the above criteria are as follows

Very Good – answer that covers the Specification with additional value elements9-10
Good – answer that covers the Specification or almost all aspects of the Specification7-8
Satisfactory – answer covering the main points of the Specification5-6
Unsatisfactory – answer with some references to the Specification3-4
Poor – answer with a vague reference to the Specification1-2
Question not answered0

For the price criteria, the following scoring mechanism will be applied.

Bidders’ price scores will be calculated based upon the lowest price submitted by Bidders.

The Bidder with the lowest price will be awarded the full score, with the remaining Bidders gaining a pro-rated score in relation to how much higher their prices are when compared to the lowest price.

In the example below price is scored out of 30:

TendererBid PricePrice difference (%)Score Max points * (100% – price difference%)/100%
1£100(£100-£100)/£100 = 0.0%30 * (100-0)/100 = 30
2£150(£150-£100)/£150 = 33.3%30 * (100-33.3)/100 = 20
3£175(£175-£100)/£175 = 42.9%30 * (100-42.9)/100 = 17.2
4£200(£200-£100)/£200 = 50.0%30 * (100-50.0)/100 = 15

If necessary, following the scoring phase, the top scoring bidder will be invited to an interview stage. This will include an initial presentation on their bid and structured questions focused on key areas for clarification. Each Bidder invited to interview will be asked the same questions.


Please submit an electronic copy of your bid, including any supporting material.