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Urban air mobility revolution

Melissa Bradshaw 14th June 2021 Zero-carbon aircraft manufacturer Vertical Aerospace is drawing on expertise honed on the race track in a bid to revolutionise urban air mobility writes Melissa Bradshaw As the issue of climate change becomes an increasingly pressing force, the calls for innovative solutions to decarbonise the transport sector are growing louder. And… Read more »

Why Vertical Aerospace thinks F1 know-how will put it in pole position

Dominic Perry, 24th of March 2021 The premise and promise of Vertical Aerospace are not unique: to deliver within the next few years a new eco-friendly mode of air transport that will revolutionise urban mobility. To that end, Bristol, UK-based Vertical is developing its VA-X4 electric vertical take-off and landing (eVTOL) aircraft which is… Read more »

2019 F1 track day car

In 2019, MGI was approached to turn a 2016 F1 car into a track day car while retaining all the elements of the current F1 cars. By installing an AER V6 twin turbocharged engine delivering 800BHP plus, and mating it to a Xtrac semi-automatic electrically actuated gearbox and clutch and bespoke rear suspension, the car… Read more »

MGI joins the MIA

We were delighted to become a member of the Motorsport Industry Association (MIA), the world’s leading trade association for the motorsport, high performance engineering, services and tuning sectors. We put decades of combined engineering experience at the pinnacle of motorsport, delivering cutting edge programmes for the wider automotive, aerospace and marine industries, while retaining a… Read more »

Bringing the F1 two-seater to life

MGI Engineering played a significant role in contemporising the Formula 1 two-seated car in 2018 which resulted in offering passengers the closest experience possible to modern day Formula 1. The car has undergone a substantial upgrade, with MGI Engineering designing and manufacturing an entirely new bodywork package, in line with the 2018 F1 technical regulations.… Read more »