MGI joins the MIA

We were delighted to become a member of the Motorsport Industry Association (MIA), the world’s leading trade association for the motorsport, high performance engineering, services and tuning sectors.

We put decades of combined engineering experience at the pinnacle of motorsport, delivering cutting edge programmes for the wider automotive, aerospace and marine industries, while retaining a strong presence in international motorsport.

Our highly skilled team of specialists ranging from stress analysis to composites, aerodynamics to mechanical design, have a proven record of success with multiple projects.

Quality, flexibility, on-time and on-budget delivery, international work ethic and confidentiality assurances are among the values that make us a trusted partner for manufacturers.

Our foundations have been formed in motorsport, and particularly in F1, and we are proud to continue our association to this fantastic industry. The MIA is a reputable association which we are honoured to be a part of.