MGI Engineering focuses on delivering technology and engineering services using our people’s experience to deliver customised solutions to highly specialised low volume and wider mainstream projects.

We work closely as a team with our customers introducing innovative engineering solutions that can be applied in the rigorously certified world of aerospace and beyond in the automotive sector.

Our team combine vast experience with industry knowledge to engineer first in class, highly customised solutions to your product challenges.

We are currently providing design solutions in both mainstream aviation on aircraft such as A320 NEO, and the emerging sector of electric aviation including Electric Vertical Take off and Landing (eVTOL) vehicles.

We adopt a client-first philosophy throughout all of our engineering projects and have access to a network of additional specialists and international partners.

As the issue of climate change becomes an increasingly pressing force, the calls for innovative solutions to decarbonise the transport sector are growing louder. 

Aerospace & Aviation

We use our teams expertise, pace and agility to develop innovative engineering solutions that can be applied in the rigorously certified world of aerospace. Our Formula 1 approach in regards to the use of new materials and techniques, specifically the innovative use of lightweight composite structures, our simulation capabilities in aerodynamics and stress analysis, mechanical engineering and specialised manufacturing is an integral part in all of our aerospace projects. As well as our mainstream aerospace projects we are unique in having exceptional experience in the emerging market of electric aviation and eVTOL technology. We are proud to be AS9100D certified.


Our team combine their motorsport knowledge and expertise to uniquely position us as one of the few organisations outside F1 to have launched a team from scratch (Lotus F1 Team 2009). We can handle projects from lightweight part design, through to whole car projects as well as specialist aerodynamic and vehicle dynamic programs. Our CEO, Mike Gascoyne's unique background and experience in F1 and top end motorsport make us unrivalled as a motorsport consultancy steeped in high-end engineering and problem solving capabilities.

Automotive & Transport

Our people bring many years of insight and knowledge of working in the niche motorsport and lightweight sports car sector. We can efficiently apply our skillsets to the mainstream automotive sector; particularly the cost-effective use of lightweight composite solutions, simulation and high density power train design and packaging. We have extensive experience in the development of top end hyper car and luxury sports car development. We also specialise in bringing new composite based lightweight solutions in to more traditional commercial transport sectors such as bus, truck and train design.


Our CEO has competed in solo and two-handed offshore races including the Transat Jacques Varbe 2013, and skippered a Class 40 racing yacht to podium finishes in the RORC Fastnet and RORC Transatlantic races in 2015. This knowledge and interest in the sector combined with our motivation to use F1 technology and project management to mainstream industries allows us to deliver cutting-edge technology to the marine environment. The application of lightweight design combined with reliability and safety applied in F1 is equally important in the marine sector, both in the leisure and competitive environments.

Design House

We utilise cutting-edge computer aided engineering (CAE) software including Siemens NX and SolidWorks design packages, Siemens TeamCenter PLM software and Altair Hyperworks solutions. Our design staff can deliver unrivalled expertise, achieving a competitive edge, in a cost-effective model, for our clients.

  • Composite and mechanical Finite Element Analysis (FEA), including crash analysis.
  • CFD expertise
  • Static, Dynamic, Crash and Fatigue Analysis & Design in Composites and Metallic
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The majority of our team have a background in F1 meaning we are highly skilled in all areas of research and development. Our experience has allowed us to develop our expertise across all the main elements of performance testing, with the aim of keeping ahead of competition.

  • Driver in the Loop Simulator
  • Aerodynamics/CFD
  • Multi Post Test Rig
  • Non-Destructive and Destructive Testing
  • Rapid Prototyping/Manufacture
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Race and project management

We have over 25 years of Formula 1 technical management experience and have run large manufacturer sponsored teams such as Renault and Toyota. Our CTO activated and managed the 2010 entry of the Lotus Racing Team into F1. We manage racing projects from car part design to full works supported international racing programs – offering the same high-quality skills to all of our projects.

  • Full Car Design, Build and Run Projects
  • Project Management of Motorsport and Marine Projects
  • Comprehensive Lifing, Testing and Reliability Programs
  • Marketing and Commercial Services
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We specialise in design and cost-effective production across all platforms. For composite projects we work with leading specialist production companies and have specific experience in Vacuum Resin Infusion methods and Tailored Fibre Placement (TFP). We pioneered the use of 3D printing in Formula 1 and have our own in-house 3D printing capabilities.

  • 3D Design and In-house Printing Facilities providing high-quality materials and surfaces finishes
  • Vacuum Resin Infusion for Aerospace and Motorsport Projects
  • Guaranteed accuracy and focus on the quality and delivery of parts
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Management Training

We have experience working in competitive environments, from small sports teams to global corporations. We can help your management team to successfully operate in a fast-changing environment and adapt management and operation styles accordingly.

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Team building

Formula 1 is a top-level sport which relies on strong team-building and shared success. We can share our experiences of building winning teams and how to apply those skills to different industries and cultural environments.

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