Mission-led UAV engineering

We are proud to announce our eVTOL cargo technology demonstrator as a working engineering solution answering the challenges of the eVTOL market space. Our range of cargo eVTOL technology demonstrators showcase the capabilities of eVTOL vehicles with superior range and payload capabilities due to advanced structural lightweight design and efficient powertrain engineering.  A configurable and scalable range of vehicles with multiple use cases and a truly versatile multi-role eVTOL platform from; mail delivery, medical logistics, disaster relief, ship to ship and ship to shore supply, search and rescue, construction, environmental research applications.  

Unique aerodynamic layout allows the vehicle to be configured as both rotor only and transitioning wing configuration retaining a common fuselage and energy storage solution across all platforms.

The challenges of electric energy storage requires the ultimate in lightweight structural engineering solutions for the airframe. Our vehicle utilises our 25 years of experience in high performance lightweight niche vehicle solutions from Formula 1

Commercial UAV cargo applications will need to have scalable, common platforms using common battery modules to ensure cost performing, kilometre per mile solutions for cargo delivery. This is at the heart of the of MGI Cargo solutions.

Autonomous drop capabilities allow independent cargo drop off and return missions alongside one-way delivery. This is particularly relevant in remote locations and emergency relief operations.

Independent tilt wing mechanisms provide unparalleled aerial control of the vehicle.

Energy supply utilises the latest battery technology and is configurable to enable the use of hybrid solutions and hydrogen fuel cell technology.

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The Beginnings

Mike Gascoyne founded MGI Motorsport Ltd (now MGI Engineering Ltd)

F1 Team Launch

MGI is among the few independent companies outside Formula 1 to have launched an F1 team from scratch


MGI expands its composites and automotive consultancy arm

Lightweight Solutions

MGI shifts focus to lightweight solutions for the aerospace sector; we were engaged by Canadian certified aerospace composite manufacturer FSI – to this day, we provide lightweight composite design solutions

First eVTOL project

By end of the year, MGI worked on its first eVTOL project, delivering lightweight structural design solutions

MGI becomes part Vertical Group

MGI becomes part of the Vertical Group and changes its name to Vertical Advanced Engineering. We expand to 25 full-time engineers, fully-focused on lightweight design solutions for the eVTOL sector based on F1 engineering expertise.

Independent MGI

In November, the company once again becomes fully independent retaining its 25 full-time staff

Expansion of client base

MGI expanded its consultancy client base, while still retaining our existing design services in the UAV technology sector

First rotor-base Cargo eVTOL prototype

MGI flies its first rotor-base eVTOL technology demonstrator in Oxfordshire

First tilt wing Cargo eVTOL

MGI flies its first tilt wing Cargo  eVTOL technology demonstrator in Oxfordshire

First full transition

MGI achieves first full transition from vertical to horizontal flight

MGI Cargo range

MGI Engineering launches its own innovative range of cargo rotor-only and wing-based UAVs for the eVTOL cargo market

eVTOL Insights 2023

MGI officially unveils cargo eVTOL at eVTOL Insights event in London

EVER Monaco 2023

MGI attends the annual EVER Monaco 2023 event, an exhibition which showcases the future of renewable energies and sustainable transport

Certifications & Memberships

Thanks to two decades of high-quality engineering, we have attained a number of industry recognised certifications and memberships. These are a testament to the quality of work we are known for at MGI. Our most significant being our Quality Management System Certification, EN 9100:2018 (AS9100D). This Aerospace Standard (AS) takes all the foundation quality requirements of ISO 9001 and bolts on additional requirements that meet the needs of the aerospace industry.