Mike meets Robert Courts MP

April 17, 2023

On Friday 14 April, we welcomed Robert Courts, Member of Parliament for Witney to our workshop. The visit was a great opportunity to showcase our brand-new cargo eVTOL technology demonstrator, the Mosquito and explain our vision for the eVTOL industry.  

As a Witney-based specialist engineering consultancy firm, in the heart of motorsport valley, the visit was an important one for the industry to highlight the technological innovation that is taking place in the constituency. The support of MPs will be vital to complement our development efforts. As the eVTOL industry continues to rapidly advance, it is important that there is infrastructure, safety and security guidelines in place to ensure implementation of this ground-breaking technology for applications across multiple industries from logistics to passenger travel.

MGI CEO and Founder, Mike Gascoyne said: “It was a real pleasure to welcome Robert Courts MP to our workshop in Bampton. We were able to give him an exclusive look at our cargo eVTOL technology demonstrator ahead of the launch, and talk about our development plans and how our community is contributing to wider societal changes, by driving new sustainable transport solutions.”

Member of Parliament for Witney, Robert Courts said: “I would like to thank MGI Engineering and their CEO, Mike Gascoyne for hosting me at their workshop in Bampton. The visit was a great opportunity to see first-hand the work they are doing and the extensive benefits sustainable eVTOL technology could achieve. The visit was hugely insightful, and it was thrilling to catch up with the team at MGI, who are an innovative local business leading the way in this sector.”