About Us

MGI Engineering was founded in 2003 by CEO Mike Gascoyne to deliver cutting-edge technology solutions to mainstream and newly developing industries. As an AS9100D accredited company MGI believes in offering complete, turnkey engineering design solutions with sustainability, mobility and reusable energy technologies in mind.

We use our extensive experience in the Formula 1 and emerging eVTOL industries to provide solutions to complex challenges within various industries. We offer both consultancy and contracting services to satisfy our clients’ requirements. Our projects range from the design and analysis of main structural components for fast-paced all-electric motorsport applications such as Formula E, to lightweight composite components for mainstream aircraft including the Airbus A320neo and Bombardier CSeries, and novel aerial vehicles like eVTOL, all-electric world-beating aircraft and UAVs.

The F1 Approach

Our core philosophy is to leverage our vast and unrivalled experience in F1, offering engineering solutions that maximises sustainability through various innovative design methodologies developed within the F1 industry. We are focused on delivering customised, highly innovative solutions to meet our client’s specific requirements. Our DNA is rooted in extensive Research and Development (R&D), fast-paced development, on-time, within-budget, and reliance on a trusted international network of partners and specialists.

F1 has always been a breeding ground for the fast-paced development and application of new technology. From powertrain evolution to aerodynamic advancements, engineers continually push the limits of what they can achieve to the ultimate edge. Unfortunately, due to F1’s secrecy, these developments do not tend to be shared to the wider scientific/engineering community. We aim to share the know-how of these developed solutions to industries such as aerospace and automotive. Our commercial strength is to deliver these F1 cutting-edge technology solutions to multiple industries.

The F1 industry, in its relentless pursuit of minimising car mass while maintaining high safety standards to maximise performance, has developed an extensive know-how of technologies and processes. We are poised to use our combined 200+ years of experience in the industry to apply these technologies to contribute to the UK Government’s challenge of net zero by 2050. As all the industries work towards the ambitious challenges, MGI wants to be the enabler to achieve this goal. 

We are racing towards net zero, with an F1 mindset and an experienced engineering team to lead the way!

Core Principles

Fast-paced development

On-time delivery


High quality and standards

Our Aims

  • Share the design methodologies developed within the F1 industry to other industries
  • Offer solutions which maximise performance to enable our clients to exceed their goals
  • Provide engineering solutions with a purpose towards achieving the Net Zero Challenge

Target Industries






Renewable Energies


2003 - MGI is founded

Mike Gascoyne founded MGI Motorsport Ltd (now MGI Engineering Ltd)

2009 - F1 Team Launch

MGI is among the few companies outside Formula 1 to have launched an F1 team from scratch, initially under Lotus then Caterham F1 through MGI Motorsport Ltd. MGI developed the Caterham F1 team into the Caterham Group encompassing motorsport projects in F1, GP2 and Le Mans as well as composites, road car and automotive consultancy

2013 - 24 Hours Le Mans

MGI supported the Caterham Group’s first entry into the historic 24 Hours of Le Mans in the LMP2 class in collaboration with Greaves Motorsport

2015 - New Home

MGI finds its permanent home in Oxfordshire, a strategic position at the heart of multiple advanced technology sectors, bringing F1 technology and innovation into the mainstream engineering consultancy sector

2019 - MGI becomes part of Vertical 

Following a more recent shift to focus on sustainability, mobility, and reusable energy technologies, MGI becomes part of Vertical Aerospace Group (Bristol) Vertical Advanced Engineering, supplying engineering expertise into the world of Electric Vertical Take-off and Landing Vehicles (eVTOL).

2021 - MGI becomes fully independent

In November 2021, the company once again becomes fully independent, utilising its expert staff to provide on-time specialised engineering services. MGI is delivering cutting-edge technology solutions based on 30 years of F1 engineering experience and over four years in the emerging, competitive eVTOL sector.

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