Founded in 2003 by our CEO Mike Gascoyne, MGI Engineering Ltd. today delivers cutting-edge technology solutions to wider mainstream and newly developing industry sectors. We leverage our unique set of skills and experience across the aerospace and aviation, automotive and transport, and motorsport and marine industries. 

The technical team on our Oxfordshire campus are focused on delivering customised, highly innovative solutions to meet our client’s specific requirements. Our DNA is rooted in extensive R&D, fast-paced development, on-time within-budget delivery and reliance on a trusted international network of partners and specialist. We believe in sustainable, mobility and reusable energy technology across all our supported sectors.

We are among the few companies outside Formula 1 to have launched an F1 team from scratch. We also managed an entry into the 24 Hours of LE Mans, a sports car collaboration with Renault Alpine, and the Class 40 sailing project ‘Caterham Challenge’.

In 2019 MGI Motorsport Ltd became part of the Vertical Aerospace Group (Bristol) as Vertical Advanced Engineering, supplying engineering expertise into the world of Electric Vertical Take off and Landing Vehicles (eVTOL).

In November 2021 the company once again became MGI Engineering Ltd. under the guidance of CEO Mike Gascoyne with 25 permanent, full-time engineering staff based in Oxfordshire.


MGI Engineering has a team of highly skilled experts covering a breadth of engineering capabilities and sectors. As a team we have gained a proven track record for success through our combined knowledge, insights and passion in a wide range of applications. The team in Oxfordshire consists of 25 permanent full-time engineering staff and a network of external partners and specialists.

Mike Gascoyne

Chief Executive Officer

Since leaving Cambridge University after studying for a PhD in fluid dynamics, Mike has continued to present exceptional industry knowledge in an international business environment. This includes over two decades of extensive experience in motorsport & sports car engineering, international top level business and project management as well as most recently operating in the emerging sector of eVtol development.

  • PHD in fluid dynamics and computational fluid dynamics, Churchill College Cambridge  1981-1987

  • Leading climbing expeditions in the Himalayas 1985 and 86

  • Involved in the emerging sport of paragliding 1988 to 1991

  • 25 years in F1 at Senior Technical Management level

  • Head of Aerodynamics at F1 McLaren, World Champions 1989,1990

  • Technical Director at Tyrell, Sauber, Jordan, Renault & ToyotaSet up the Lotus/Caterham F1 Team through MGI Motorsport Ltd in 2009

  • Developed the Caterham F1 Team into the Caterham Group encompassing motorsport projects (F1, GP2, Le Mans) as well as composites, road car and automotive consultancy businesses

  • Set up Caterham Challenge Class 40 sailing team followed by solo transatlantic crossing 2012, two-handed TJV 2013 with Brian Thompson, 3rd fully crewed 2015 Fastnet Race, 2nd in 2015 RORC Transatlantic Race

  • 2003 founded MGI Motorsport Ltd. (renamed today MGI Engineering Ltd.)

  • Consultant on applying F1 design, technology and project management solutions to mainstream automotive, aviation and marine environments since 2015

  • 2019 – 2021 CTO Vertical Aerospace, Bristol and CEO Vertical Advanced Engineering

  • 2021 CEO MGI Engineering, Oxford (previously MGI Motorsport)

Chris Harris

Head of Calculation

Chris has an extensive career in advanced stress engineering and has acquired a broad level of expert knowledge in motorsport and the defence and aerospace industries. This includes vast experience in motorsport and as an F1 stress engineer for five years, he worked on international vehicle platform programs and has a wide
skillset ranging from advancing very low volume composites to high volume metallic structures.

Sean Briscall

Head of Mechanical Design

Sean has a wealth of experience in mechanical design and has developed valuable skills through senior roles in both the F1 and the defence industry. He started in Formula 1 at Tyrrell, worked for McLaren and Toyota F1 and also has 10 years experience in the defence industry.

James East

Head of Systems Integration

James has developed specialist knowledge in the areas of composite design and systems integration throughout his career in F1 motorsport. This included being a Senior Design Engineer and also enabled him to work with Williams F1, Manor and Toro Rosso.

Andy Tidy

Joint Head of Composite Design

Andy has developed specialist knowledge in composites design from his career portfolio; being the Wind Tunnel Model & Surfacing Designer for McLaren F1, working for G Force Technologies, McLaren Cars, Super Aguri F1, Honda Racing F1 and then being Senior Composites Designer for Williams F1 – this brought a wealth of 25 years experience.

Matt Rodgers

Joint Head of Composite Design

Matt’s career in composite design started at the Formula One team Williams F1 more than twenty years ago having completed an Indentured Apprenticeship for the aerospace multinational Pall Europe. He has worked across multiple engineering industry sectors including aerospace, marine, motorsport and agricultural machinery. He has an in depth knowledge of lightweight, complex composite structure design from scheme to manufacture. 

MGI Engineering Ltd. implemented an effective quality management system to improve customer satisfaction and provide consistent structure to design projects. We received the AS9100D certification from BSI, which is a significant milestone in our business development. BSI is an independent certification body which will conduct on-site audits to ensure we meet customer requirements and comply with AS9100 (requirements specific to aerospace).

We are a proud member of the Motorsport Industry Association (MIA), the world’s leading trade association for the motorsport, high performance engineering, services and tuning sectors. The MIA is a prestigious association which our team of highly skilled professionals are honoured to be a part of.