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Case Studies

“Scientists study the world as it is, engineers create the world that never has been.”

– Theodore von Karman

Project Spotlight – Formula E

We have worked with two Formula E teams to integrate components at the rear of their cars to tie in their suspension and gearbox structures. Using advanced engineering principles and analysis software, we aided both teams in developing the most efficient structures regarding weight and performance, enabling them to remain competitive against the rest of the field.

Mike Gascoyne: “For 2023 we are pleased to have been the design partner of the NIO Formula E Team and our team of engineers are pleased to see them returning back to being regular point scoring contenders in the Championship. Racing remains part of our DNA and working on such projects always gives the whole team and extra buzz on race weekends.”

Project Spotlight – Custom build F1 track car 

MGI has successfully converted a recent F1 car into a top-end performance track day car. The project entailed fitting an AER P60B twin-turbocharged engine mounted to an Xtrac semi-automatic gearbox leading to a track day car with 800+ brake horsepower and Formula 1 standards of performance and safety. With the new engine and gearbox, MGI-designed rear suspension and an electronics package which was mated to a modern day ex-F1 chassis and aerodynamic package.

Mike Gascoyne: “When I left F1 I didn’t think that I’d work on such high-performance racing vehicles again. This project has allowed us to deliver a racing car with performance levels unparalleled outside of F1.”

Project Spotlight - External Design House

In 2015 FSI (Formula Solutions Inc.) CEO Gerry Kavanaugh contacted Mike Gascoyne looking for innovative lightweight design solutions for composite aerospace engineering. Since then, MGI have become the external design house for FSI Inc. leading to its design solutions being employed on numerous commercial aircraft such as the A320neo. CEO of MGI Engineering Mike Gascoyne said, “working with Gerry and FSI has been the perfect embodiment of bringing F1 engineering to live. We have been able to provide F1 type solutions and processes to lightweight composite production for commercial aircraft.” Gerry Kavanaugh, CEO of FSI Inc. added, “having MGI as our design house provides us with a much higher level of lightweight composite design expertise which linked with our unique VARTM composite expertise gives us a cutting edge in the competitive aerospace market.” FSI is a Canadian-based tier two specialist lightweight composites solutions provider to the mainstream commercial aerospace sector.

Project Spotlight - Formula E Gearbox Housing

Our Formula E partner were seeking assistance as part of its development programme, for its gearbox housing. The programme entailed designing the gearbox housing to the point of production and working with the team and its supplier to produce the component. The regulations for Formula E, which are set out by the FIA are very strict, so our client was looking for a partner who could help to produce a housing that was both structurally sound and lightweight – a challenge that we were up for and relished!