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“The Stone Age didn’t end because they ran out of stones.”

– Unknown

MGI Engineering offers high quality consultancy and contracting services to deliver cutting-edge, tailored technology solutions. Our highly experienced and knowledgeable workforce – spearheaded by CEO, Mike Gascoyne, who has over 25 years of success in Formula 1 – having a highly experienced and diverse workforce allows us to meet our clients’ individual needs across different incumbent and emerging industries, including F1, aerospace and the eVTOL sector.   

Our capabilities range from composite design, modelling, surfacing, creation of ply books, powertrain and systems integration, as well as FEA (static and dynamic) and CFD analysis, using state-of-the-art software packages.   

At MGI, we look to utilise our extensive and unrivalled experience to provide novel and innovative technical solutions that maximise sustainability. We are proud of our proven track record, completing projects on schedule and within budget.   

We are racing towards net zero, with an F1 mindset and an experienced engineering team to lead the way!

Company Core Skills

  • Senior engineering and project management expertise across multi engineering disciplines
  • Comprehensive contracting and consulting services leveraging 30+ years of F1 senior management expertise
  • Extensive engineering knowledge and experience in motorsport, automotive, aerospace, and UAV technologies industries
  • F1 technology know-how and methodology applied to a wide range of mainstream engineering functions
  • Unique expertise in the design of UAV and eVTOL vehicles
  • Increased focus on sustainable engineering solutions with mobility, and reusable energy technologies in mind

Calculations Capabilities 

  • Composite and mechanical Finite Element Analysis (FEA), including static, dynamic, fatigue, and crash analysis
  • Structural optimisation using state-of-the-art software tools
  • CFD capabilities with a range of software tools, including ANSYS Fluent, CFX, Hyperworks CFD, etc.

Design Capabilities 

  • Composite and metallic design from conceptual to detailed designs
  • Complete turnkey solutions with focus on sustainability
  • Extensive 3D surfacing capabilities
  • Highly collaborative approach with analysis team, with a focus on Design for Manufacturing

Race and Project Management Capabilities 

  • Full car design, build, and track testing projects
  • Comprehensive lifing, testing, and reliability programs
  • Project Management, marketing, and commercial services

UAV Technologies and Services 

  • Application of lightweight specialist composite design to a new family of sustainably powered niche vehicles
  • Development of electric aviation and the growing UAV and AAM market
  • Providing specialist design services and novel engineering solutions to the expanding sector of advanced air mobility and its infrastructure

Electric Vehicle Capabilities 

  • Engineering lightweight structural and powertrain design solutions for the EV market sector
  • Providing broad multi discipline experience into the automotive and maritime EV sectors
  • Challenging existing design solutions to suit the requirements of future sustainably powered vehicle

F1 Approach

Our core philosophy is to leverage our vast and unrivalled experience in F1, offering engineering solutions that maximises sustainability through various innovative design methodologies developed within the F1 industry. We are focused on delivering customised, highly innovative solutions to meet our client’s specific requirements. Our DNA is rooted in extensive Research and Development (R&D), fast-paced development, on-time, within-budget, and reliance on a trusted international network of partners and specialists.

F1 has always been a breeding ground for the fast-paced development and application of new technology. From powertrain evolution to aerodynamic advancements, engineers continually push the limits of what they can achieve to the ultimate edge. Unfortunately, due to F1’s secrecy, these developments do not tend to be shared to the wider scientific/engineering community. We aim to share the know-how of these developed solutions to industries such as aerospace and automotive. Our commercial strength is to deliver these F1 cutting-edge technology solutions to multiple industries.

The F1 industry, in its relentless pursuit of minimising car mass while maintaining high safety standards to maximise performance, has developed an extensive know-how of technologies and processes. We are poised to use our combined 200+ years of experience in the industry to apply these technologies to contribute to the UK Government’s challenge of net zero by 2050. As all the industries work towards the ambitious challenges, MGI wants to be the enabler to achieve this goal. 

We are racing towards net zero, with an F1 mindset and an experienced engineering team to lead the way!

Systems and Powertrain Integration

We possess the knowledge and expertise from a rich motorsport background. Many of our team have been working at the pinnacle of the industry in Formula 1, allowing us to offer a wide range of engineering solutions across multiple sectors including motorsport, automotive, marine and aerospace applications. A testament to this is our AS9100D certification, the leading quality management system standard for the aerospace industry.

Lightweight Structures

The design of ultra-lightweight composite components is at the core of our expertise. Utilising cutting-edge computer aided design software and processes, we work closely with our clients to deliver technologically advanced solutions to meet their required specifications.

Our engineering staff provide a level of knowledge that allows MGI to not only exceed client expectations, but to also achieve a competitive edge in the market. We oversee the fulfilment of products from design and tooling, through to manufacture and certification.

Our advanced capabilities enable us to deliver results for our clients that are on time and on budget. We thrive on meeting engineering challenges within the automotive, aerospace and marine sectors, striving to meet and exceed client expectations. 

Additive Manufacturing

Making a three-dimensional product from a CAD model or digital 3D model is known as additive manufacturing, sometimes known as 3D printing. Using CAD software or 3D object scanners, additive manufacturing employs tools to guide the layer-by-layer deposition of material in exact geometric patterns. In additive manufacturing, as the name suggests, materials are added to an item to build an object. Despite the fact that “3D printing” and “rapid prototyping” are frequently used to refer to additive manufacturing, each technique is essentially a subset of additive manufacturing. Here at MGI we have a selection of UltiMaker models which we use for jigs and fixtures and prototyping.