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To Dave Gorman – an inspiration

April 12, 2023

Teachers can often be under-appreciated yet they have the power to mould and inspire the next generation. For me, it was no different, and there was one teacher in particular who would have such a life-changing impact.

While studying at Wymondham College, I was lucky enough to be taught by Dave Gorman. He taught both Engineering Design – which was not a subject normally taught in schools at that time – alongside technical drawing. I absolutely loved both subjects and during my second year at the University of Cambridge, I was still revisiting things Mr Gorman had taught me during A-Level Engineering Design.

He also encouraged the practical projects in the course, and gave us the skills and knowledge to manage projects as adults. I really wanted to name this first MGI eVTOL aircraft after Dave Gorman to recognise what an inspiration he was to me and many others to becoming an engineer. He was a real character, at times absolutely mad but always supportive and encouraging.

I hope that I’m able to inspire the youngsters coming in through both MGI and the educational projects we also support in the same way and ignite that passion and innovation in next generation of incredible engineers to go on to design life-changing solutions for the world.