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A message from Mike

January 10, 2023

Many would think after being fortunate enough to enjoy a long career in Formula 1, nothing would be as exciting, and nerve-racking, as launching a new F1 car which has been designed by a hard-working team after long, gruelling winter months. The cars bear your name on the news pages, and all the responsibilities associated with such privilege. 

However, I’m very excited to announce the re-launch of our website, but more importantly what this represents. It represents a shift in the vision of our company and also what we want to accomplish in 2023 and beyond. 

MGI is a diverse team of both experienced ex-F1 engineers and young engineers willing to learn and solve challenging problems. We have been very successful in applying our F1 know-how and high standards to provide innovative solutions to mainstream and equally innovative industries such as eVTOL vehicles. We have had the pleasure to work with clients to provide unique solutions to achieve their ambitious targets, but equally important, create sustainable solutions for a better future.  

The latter is the key. We have realised, as a team, we possess over 200+ combined years of experience in F1, yet most developed technologies in this industry are not easily known by other engineering sectors. Moreover, F1 is excellent at optimising a vehicle to its ultimate lowest mass while maintaining the highest safety standards to maximise performance. Such knowledge and mindset are key to design more sustainable vehicles.  

We at MGI want a better world and a better future. Over the last few years, we have worked hard, achieved huge success on exciting projects, but all done quietly in the background like most F1 engineering offices. However, we want to be more proactive in sharing our knowledge with various other industries. Therefore, our mission is to “provide innovative engineering solutions to enable more sustainable vehicles”. 

I admit it’s a different form of excitement than when I was in F1. It’s equally challenging, but actually less nerve-wracking, as I know full well our team will rise to the challenge and make this a better company, and through our clients, a better world. 

Happy New Year and stay tuned for news and blog posts throughout the year!